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McMahon Chiropractic helps people get well naturally without the use of drugs or surgery. If that has an appeal to you then our office has a lot to offer. The main goal of care is to balance a person’s structure. Trust a Chiropractor at McMahon Chiropractic to provide treatment for acute and chronic conditions associated with headaches, neck pain, lower back pain, scoliosis, sciatica and disc problems.

For more than two decades, Dr. Steven McMahon and Dr. Rosalie Login have worked hard to bring pain relief and wellness to residents in and around New York, NY. At McMahon Chiropractic, patients receive gentle and natural care with each step of treatment aimed at preventing the need for medication or surgery. To achieve this goal, Dr. McMahon and Dr. Login use a holistic approach that takes a comprehensive look at patient concerns. The body is made up of many systems and parts, all of which rely on and impact one another. For example, when you lack key nutrients from food or when your muscles are weak, pain and injury are more likely as your body is unable to support itself properly. Determining and treating the root cause is the most effective way to heal and prevent injuries and to achieve a higher quality of life. Through this holistic approach, Dr. McMahon and Dr. Login care for a variety of issues, including headaches, back pain, neck pain, disc problems, and scoliosis. Treatment is provided through a personalized combination of chiropractic adjustments, ultrasound therapy, traction, electrical muscle stimulation, physical therapy, and nutritional guidance. The care patients receive from McMahon Chiropractic in New York, NY is gentle and safe enough that pregnant women and babies can seek treatment. Dr. McMahon is certified in all chiropractic techniques and is a member of the American Chiropractic Association, the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, and the New York Chiropractic Council. Dr. Login is both a certified chiropractor and a registered clinical dietitian. If you are ready to live your life to the fullest in New York, NY, Dr. McMahon and Dr. Login of McMahon Chiropractic can help you make that happen.

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  • Dr.
    Roberts Anderson

    Dr. Roberts graduated from University in Year. Prior to studying at Medical School, he attended College. Dr. Roberts has been practicing for over 25 years. He has been in his current location for 25 years.

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  • Dr.
    John Jones

    Dr. Jones has been practicing for over 10 years. He has been in his current location for 8 years. Since becoming a Chiropractor, Dr. Jones has kept up to date on many continuing educational classes, ensuring that his patients receive the most comprehensive and advanced care. He is married with two children and enjoys movies.

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  • Fiona Liu

    Fiona has been working with us for over 4 years. In her spare time she enjoys working out and running. She has 2 dogs and loves movies.

    November 2022 Chiropractic Newsletter

    Staying Safe While Groundskeeping If you are responsible for maintaining an outdoor space, you know there are different challenges at different times of the year. But during the late autumn and early winter, many homeowners are doing particularly intense work that may not resemble their usual activities. ...

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    October 2022 Chiropractic Newsletter

    The weather has gotten colder, and for many people with joint problems, that means trouble. Lots of people report increased back pain in cold weather, as well as stiffness and sensitivity. However, the ordinary turning of the seasons doesn’t mean that you need to resort to medication or resign yourself ...

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    September 2022 Chiropractic Newsletter

    Backpack Usage With school in session again, many children have resumed wearing backpacks. As this is typically the heaviest load children carry, children who suffer from musculoskeletal pain will often feel it most intensely while using a backpack, but pain can also persist or flare up afterward. Of ...

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    August 2022 Chiropractic Newsletter

    Chiropractic and Headaches Chiropractic is a whole-body approach to wellness, characterized by understanding how the different components of the musculoskeletal system affect each other and treating them with minimal invasiveness. When you understand that, it makes a lot of sense why so many people go ...

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    July 2022 Chiropractic Newsletter

    Good Habits for Your Spine at Work Chiropractors tend to see a lot of workplace injuries. Many jobs put people at risk for acute musculoskeletal injuries, and we’re dedicated to providing workers with minimally invasive care that allows their bodies to make the most efficient use of their native healing ...

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    June 2022 Chiropractic Newsletter

    Maintaining Musculoskeletal Safety Back and neck pain are extremely common, and people’s risk of incurring them increases with age. Many people may take for granted that musculoskeletal dysfunction is just a normal part of life, but that doesn’t have to be true. Chiropractic is based on the belief ...

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    May 2022 Chiropractic Newsletter

    Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction Pain in the lower back is very common in part due to the large number of things that cause it. In addition to lumbar disc degeneration, facet joint inflammation, and muscle tightness, one of the potential causes of a patient’s pain is dysfunction in the sacroiliac joints. ...

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    April 2022 Chiropractic Newsletter

    The Causes and Symptoms of Sciatica and How to Treat Them One of the defining aspects of chiropractic is concern with how problems in the nerves and musculoskeletal system affect each other. The spinal column isn’t just what supports your bones and muscles, as important as that is. It’s also the ...

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    April 2022 Chiropractic Newsletter

    The Causes and Symptoms of Sciatica and How to Treat Them One of the defining aspects of chiropractic is concern with how problems in the nerves and musculoskeletal system affect each other. The spinal column isn’t just what supports your bones and muscles, as important as that is. It’s also the ...

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    March 2022 Chiropractic Newsletter

    Treating and Preventing Neck Pain Neck pain is a common experience among adults, and one of the reasons people are most likely to seek care from a chiropractic office. Although chiropractic is often thought of as a field devoted to back pain, the neck is part of the spinal column, and maintaining its ...

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    “I have been getting my care with McMahon Chiropractic for years, and I have no intention of ever going elsewhere. He is a great doctor who listens and really knows what he’s doing. The staff is amazing and always helpful in making the experience go smoothly. He’s the best for any chiropractic services.”


    “As a medical professional, I highly recommend Dr. McMahon. Excellent and knowledgeable service, personal approach to patients, and friendly office atmosphere will make your treatments successful and pleasant. Destination #1 for my back and neck.”


    “Best chiropractor I’ve been to! I’ve been a patient for a year or so now. His staff is always welcoming and accommodating. He is always professional and tailors my treatments to my needs. Anyone looking to feel better and treat back pain should visit his services – you won’t be disappointed.”


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