Chiropractic Adjustment Chelsea, NYC

Chiropractic adjustment is the primary approach that a Chiropractic doctor uses to treat and correct painful “vertebral subluxations,” an abnormal alignment of the spine’s vertebrae that causes pain, inflammation, and diminished range of motion and function. 

While other doctors use needles, medication, or surgery for treatment, research shows that chiropractic adjustments and services are the least invasive approach, but have the highest success rate with most common musculoskeletal ailments.

These gentle chiropractic adjustments enable the body to reduce swelling on its own and allow the affected areas to heal. They provide quick pain relief, alleviate muscle tightness, rapidly diminish or eliminate muscle spasms, restore mobility, and help improve overall health and wellness. 

Gentle pressure is applied manually next to the spinal joints that are pinching or pulling on the nerve tissues. When adjusting older patients or infants, we use the Activator, a small, hand-held instrument that puts no stress on the body and delivers a gentle impulse to restore motion to the targeted spinal area.

A chiropractic adjustment provides quick pain relief and restores mobility, alleviates muscle tightness, and allows the affected areas to heal. Patients will immediately feel better, even after the initial treatment!

Chiropractic Adjustment NYC
I saw a neurosurgeon who suggested that I have surgery if the pain persisted. That was not the road that I wanted to take. I can now manage my pain with proper exercise and regular adjustments. I’m happy to say that the pain isn’t what it was 5 months ago, before I started seeing Dr. McMahon.
— Fannie B. NEW YORK, NY

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